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Database FAQs

  • Click on 'Online Library’ at the top of the page > Choose ‘Databases’ from the ‘Formats’ menu or select a topic from the ‘Subjects’ menu. > Choose  from the list.

    In addition, the new website allows to search the site to find direct individual databases by name. Click on ’Search’ on the right side of the screen. > Choose ‘website’ from the drop-down at the left side of the search box and enter the name of the database you're looking for.

  • Many of the services and resources on our site are managed by third-party vendors. This includes:

    Your catalog account where you can view due dates and place holds.

    • eBook and streaming services such as OverDrive, hoopla, and Kanopy.
    • Databases such as Consumer Reports.
    • Online tutoring such as Brainfuse.
      Each time you use any of these services, you're leaving our site. You're also visiting a separate website managed by a different third-party vendor.

    Since these individual sites are not connected, we don't have a way to log you in to multiple services at once. This is why, even if you've logged in to the library account you use to check out books in the catalog, you still need to log in to databases.

    We wish this was more seamless! In the meantime, we'll continue to explore ways we might be able to help simplify the log in process.

    See also:

    Why is there no option to pay fees using my PayPal account?

  • 1. Download and launch the Android or iOS LinkedIn Learning app.

    2. Tap "Sign In" and then tap the blue link "Sign in with your library card."

    3. Enter the Library ID in all lowercase: kcls and click "Continue."

    4. Enter your library card credentials in the "Enter your Library ID" box and click "Continue."

    5. For any issues, submit a case ticket to LinkedIn Learning Library

    1. Learn about the program. Go to the Career Online High School website.          
    2. Take a short online survey. Complete the "Are You Ready?" survey on the Career Online High School website. The survey will ask you about your access to a computer and how much time you can spend on courses. You'll also need to answer an essay question.        

      If you meet the requirements, we will send you an automated reply when you submit the survey. This message will include information and links to continue onto the pre-requisite course. You will have two weeks from the time you complete the survey to complete the course.

      If you don't meet the requirements, we will help you find other programs that support your goals. 

    3. Complete a prerequisite course. Select a career path and enroll in a prerequisite course.
      During the prerequisite course, you will explore the online learning environment. This will help you know whether you are comfortable with it.
      You will find out if the program will meet your needs or if other options to complete high school are better for you.
      You will figure out if the career field is interesting and appealing.
      You will also show your commitment to completing the full program.    

      To pass the course, you need to score 70% or higher. You must complete the course within 2 weeks of starting it.      

    4. Enroll in the full program. We will contact you after you've completed the prerequisite course. We’ll schedule an interview and discuss enrolling you in the full program.
  • You can choose a major from one of these career fields:

    • Child care (CDA)*
    • Commercial driving (CDL)*
    • Food and hospitality (CPFM)*
    • General career preparation
    • Home care professional
    • Hospitality and leisure
    • Manufacturing
    • Office management
    • Retail customer service
    • Security professional

    *Prepares students to pursue the industry credential.

Digital Content FAQs

  • OverDrive is discontinuing the OverDrive app.

    Switch to the Libby app before May 1 to transfer your eBook checkouts, lists, and history.

    Do you use a Kindle Fire? You’ll still be able to use the OverDrive app on Kindle Fire. This is because Amazon has not yet accepted the Libby App on the Amazon app store.

  • Some Kindle titles are exclusive to Amazon and not available through Overdrive. We purchase Kindle editions whenever possible. If a Kindle edition is available through Amazon, we can submit a request to OverDrive. This does not guarantee that we'll be able to add the Kindle edition.

    Please contact Ask KCLS if there is a Kindle edition showing on

  • eBooks



    Downloadable Audiobooks




    Documentary and Educational Films

    Video Storybooks





    hoopla , opens a new window

    OverDrive, opens a new window

  • A full-access King County Library System (KCLS) library card in good standing may borrow:

    All items except downloads Maximum of 100 items
    OverDrive eBooks and downloadable audiobooks 25 items
    OverDrive magazines No checkout limits
    hoopla digital music, movies, TV, and comics 10 items per month
    Kanopy streaming movies 5 items per month. No holds. (Kanopy Kids, Great Courses, and Credit-Free Viewing are counted separately.)

    KCLS is not responsible for damage to equipment that occurs while using library-owned material.

    Patrons who have reached the maximum number of physical checkouts are not able to log in or borrow items from OverDrive or hoopla.

    Versión en español:¿Cuántos artículos me puedo llevar prestados?

  • To check out streaming videos on Kanopy, you need the following:

    • A KCLS library card in good standing
    • Internet access
    • For mobile devices, the Kanopy app for iOS, Android, AppleTV, Chromecast, or Roku
    • For PC or Mac users, any current web browser (Supported browsers)
    • A Kanopy account (You can create a Kanopy account on the Kanopy login page.)

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