Printing Services

Print for free using your library card's weekly printing allowance. Send documents to printers from your own device or a library computer.

Printers are available at all libraries. You'll need an active library card to print from your own device.

Find out how to use any of these services in the frequently asked questions at the bottom of this page.

Print from Your Own Device

Use your computer, phone, or tablet to print from a library printer. Print your documents at the self-serve print station inside the library.

Print from a Library Computer

Use a library computer to print inside the library. Drop by or make an appointment to reserve computer time. Log in at a computer, then at the self-serve print station to print your documents.

How It Works

  • Send a document to a library printer using our online form. After you've sent your document, drop by to pick up prints inside the library. You can pick up in as little as one hour. 

    1. Preview the document on your device and check the number of pages.

    • You can print up to $1.50 each week for free with your library card's weekly print allowance. That gives you up to 10 black and white or 3 color pages each week.
    • You have the option to pay for more prints.

    2. Send the document to a library that's open for visits. Send your document at least one hour before you will pick it up. You'll have 12 hours to pick up any documents you've requested. Print requests are deleted after 12 hours. Be sure to check your pickup location's hours before you send your document.

    • Find your pickup library in the Pickup Library list.
    • Use the form to send the document to your library's black and white or color printer.

    3. After you've sent your document, drop by your pickup location. 

    4. When you arrive at your pickup library, go to the self-serve print release station.

    5. Log in at the print release station to print your document. You'll use the same email address you used to send your document.

  • People with an all-access library card number can request prints. New accounts may not be in the print system. Call your print pickup location if you are unable to upload your print job. 

  • You have a limit of $1.50 each week in your library card's print allowance. You can use the allowance on library printers or copiers.

    With the allowance, you can print or copy:

    • up to ten black and white pages
    • three color pages each week for free.

    If you don't have enough credit for your entire print or copy request, you have the option to pay for more pages.

    Additional pages of letter-size (8 1/2" x 11") prints and copies cost:

    • $0.15 for black and white.
    • $0.50 for color.
  • No, there is not a limit to the number of print jobs in your weekly print allowance. There is a limit to the number of pages. Preview your print job before you upload it.

    If you do not have enough credit for your entire print job you have the option to pay for more prints.

  • Call your print pickup library, they can check for you.

  • You can pay to print more pages at the print release station inside the library.

    Printing release stations will not accept cash bills larger than $10. You can go to the service desk when you need change or need more than $10 worth of prints.

    Printing release stations will accept credit and debit cards. Debit cards must be branded with Master Card, Visa, or American Express. A temporary $10 hold is placed on the card until the transaction is complete.

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