When the lies begin to unravel, who will you believe?

Brynn wakes up the morning after her boyfriend’s big send-off and finds her recollection of the night is a foggy wasteland. As she pieces together her fractured memories, she faces the horrifying realization that something happened last night. Something bad.

With Dan on deployment now, she’s left alone to hear the devastating news from his ex-girlfriend, shattering the mirage of their perfect relationship. But is the ex lying? One thing is certain: Dan has secrets that he wants to stay buried, and so does his ex.

While Brynn inches closer to the truth, she’s aware of someone watching her, waiting, and laying a trap. But who? And why? Time is running out. Brynn finds herself tangled in something sinister, and if she doesn’t land a grip on the slippery truth, it will not only destroy her, it will end it.

This addictive and suspenseful thriller explores the fault lines between the truth, lies, and shattered trust, promising to keep you wrong-footed and guessing well past your bedtime.

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Psychological Thriller
Vigilante Justice

Praise for Keep Me In Sight

``This book delivers.`` - Pine Enshrined Reviews

“Fast paced and well plotted, Blackledge effortlessly builds tension throughout the novel until its ultimate, unexpected climax. It’s a winning combination with well-drawn characters.” – The Booklife Prize

“This is truly one book you won’t put down.” – Simply Daniel Radcliffe

Keep Me In Sight kept me turning the pages, desperate to know what would happen next!” – Becky on Books